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Pull off test on tile

The purpose of the test is to measure the maximum tensile strength of tile on concrete. The test sample is subjected to increasing tensile stress until failure occurs. The weakest path could be along an interface between two layers or a cohesive facture within one layer or a combination of these.


General Test Procedures

  1. Prepare a test sample with specified dimensions by either cutting or coring on a tile wall.

  2. Apply a continuous pulling force onto the tile sample until failure occurs.

  3. Record and calculate the adhesion strength.

  4. Inspect the failure mode of the fractured sample.


Test Frequency

Under General Specification for Building 2003 edition



Acceptance Limit

Under British Standard (BS5980)

  • The adhesion strength of the tile shall be at least 0.168 N/mm2.

Under General Requirement in Hong Kong Housing Authority projects

  • The adhesion strength for ceramic tile and mosaics shall be at least 950N on a dimension of 75 x 75 mm2.


Note: The Test Frequency and Acceptance Limit are for information only. Please refer to the latest instruction issued by the corresponding authorities as well as the requirements of individual contract.



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